the true lives of the fabulous killjoys

hello fellow netscape reclaimers ^u^

welcome to my site! I’ve been working on it for a couple weeks of and on now, but it’s still very much a mess so please excuse any odd elements, base pages, pages with random notes, links that don’t go anywhere, color changes, and general chaos of the code.

also I’m a noobie so it’s a gonna be a mess anyways


14/9/22: updated 404 page a bit, working on basic layouts for several of the one-off pages offline.

07-9-22: added: changelog, visit counter, hosted by gif badge, and rainbow fairy dust cursor trail (!!!:D). Changed: background sparkle gif in banner (though I might change it back) and wiki menu image bc it bugged me. Minor adjustments to colors, esp. the box borders on sidebar.

13/7/22–06/9/22: unrecorded.

11/7/22: site creation! :D

chatbox! (feel free to link your own site!)

you can link your own site by clicking the little person icon and typing your full url. also like don’t be a jerk in the chat yk <3